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1:43 p.m. - 2007-04-19
vocab and magic tricks
Dearest Lucian,

I just wanted to make a list of vocabulary words you've mastered, because well, you're not even two yet, and the list is crazy long. And I'm very proud.

Mommy; Daddy; Mom-mom; Pop-pop; I love you(this can have any of the aforementioned names attached to the end, or be free standing); See you tomorrow; Night-night; Hi!; See ya; Goodbye; Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Purple; Blue; One; Two; Three; Let's Go!; OK; Alright; No; Yes; Elephant; Doggy; Scoutie; Elmo; Big Bird; Big Bob; Truck; Big ; Birdie; Poopy; No Poopy; Please; Thank-you; Eat; Water; Juice; Milk; Uh-oh; Car; Kiss; Hug; Hat; Aqua Doodle; Mine!; Ball; Football; Baseball; Bat; Apple; Banana; Grapes; Cereal; Hot Dog; Chicken; Music (although that word sounds more like "Big Dick" which forces us to make you ask for the CD player more than once, every time); Play; Rain, rain, Go away!; Old MacDonald had a Farm; Row, Row, Row [your boat];

Well, I'm sure there are others (these, by the way, are in no particular order, just the order I remembered them in.), and as you will see in my next bit, the vocabulary grows everyday, and it is amazing!

The other night at the dinner table, Mom-mom brought out a platter that had hippie flowers printed on it. You thought it was pretty or interesting and wanted to play with it. Mom-mom needed to use it to serve our omlette, but you didn't care. Neither did she. Pop-pop (correctly) predicted that letting you play with it would make you want to keep playing with it, and would get you upset when Mom-mom finally took it away. I have decided that for our last week living with them, I would let them hash it out, as I feel that I will spend at least the next month re-programming you so you are not a spoiled brat.

They let you play with the platter. Eventually Mom-mom tried to take it away. You threw a fit. Instead of allowing you to throw the fit, and calm down, they turned taking the platter off the table into a game - or rather a magic trick. Pop-pop waved his hand over the platter while saying, "Abra-Cadabra, make this plate disappear - OVER THERE!" and pointed to the dining room. You swung your head around to look into the dining room, and when you looked back, the platter was missing! (Of course Pop-pop had brought it down under the kitchen table) "Uh-oh!" you said with consternation, and delight. Pop-pop magically made it re-appear while again re-directing your attention into the dining room. When you spun your head back around to look at the kitchen table, you laughed uproariously to find the platter back in its place. Pop-pop found this highly amusing, and chose to repeat the trick several more times.

You are too clever for Pop-pop. You quickly figured out what he was doing, and you would whip your head towards the dining room, and immediately spin back to look at the kitchen table, catching Pop-pop in the act. When we realized you were no longer mystified, we stopped the game, gave the platter to Mom-mom, and thought that was the end of it.

Skip ahead in the evening to bath time. You have a plastic ball that floats in the tub (it wasn't meant for the tub, but you love it, and bring it with you everywhere). At one point you put the ball between your legs, closed your legs over it, and waved your hand over your lap. You muttered something indistinguishable (which I now know was "abra-cadabra") and then pointed to the corner of the bath as you shouted "Look over there!" I looked, thinking you wanted the Tilex which we always remove while you are in the tub, but when I looked, you opened your legs, the ball floated to the top, and you picked it up and said "Look! A Ball!"

I nearly died with laughter and pride. Not only did you figure out the magic trick Pop-pop did, you implemented it into something you could do. And you learned a whole new sentence in the process.

I love you so much!

Love Mommy

P.S. Tomorrow is my last day of work, and then I'll stay home with you all the time!!! WOO!!! I'm so excited!


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